Multimedia LED Dynamic Displays
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Multimedia LED Dynamic Displays

2011 Module List



Software & Control Systems



Our exclusive indoor modules include:

  • 6mm SMT

  • 8mm SMT

8mm SMT Module


Our indoor products can also be engineered to use outdoor, such as the Digital Blade Sign below, if combined with our environmentally sealed air-flow cabinet and polycarbonate cover. Our indoor modules are used in the following products and applications:

eVidia for the 6mm and 8mm SMT
Impressive full colord video walls, ribbons, billboards are available in custom widths, shapes and sizes. The eVidia dynamic display solution provides over 4.4 Trillion + colors. Our proprietary IOI (Input-Output-Integrator) provides the client with an expandable control system for a fully integrated display solution. Display sizes range from smaller retail displays (3' x 5') and custom structures to larger spectacular displays.

6mm SMT Intrepid Museum
6mm SMT Continuous Curve 8’8” H x 26’ W + Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum NYC

Digital Blade Signs
Reviewing our clients retail performance metrics shows that installing effective digital signage can improve in-store traffic and ultimately increase annual revenues by 15%. Our Digtal Blade Sign supports high resolution videos and stereo sound. The sleek design includes 6mm or 8mm SMT modules with a polycarbonate face, environmentally sealed air-flow cabinet, channel letters, branding and stereo speakers.

8mm Digital Blade Sign Skechers 
8mm SMT Digital Blade Sign + Skechers Citadel Outlets, Los Angeles

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