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Our Company


For more than 30 years MultimediaLED has been leading the digital sign industry in markets around the world.


Our journey began as the first producer of full-color spectacular LED displays in Times Square.  Today, Times Square is world renowned for its dazzling displays and we’re proud to have sown the seeds that grew into this American icon.

In the ensuing decades we have remained committed to research and development – resulting in innovative displays created for progressive companies and organizations worldwide.

We’re not all engineers and techies at MultimediaLED – we’re marketers too. This means as we see changing behaviors in society, we continue to pioneer new methods to help our clients take their message to market.

Rahat Towers, Kazakhstan



Our Team


Long before “The Big Bang Theory,” we loved our geeks.

Our people are not only extraordinary in their engineering successes but are talented and creative visionaries. 


We invite you to give way to your imagination as never before -- and then let our team show you how we make your dreams come true.

Knowledge and curiosity – hallmarks of our team – has made and kept us a leader in digital advertising and messaging.

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A Royal Innovation


Our exclusive, patented Digital Bus King™ not only keeps your message on the move, but allows you to change that message instantaneously without labor costs – and customize your message to demographics as you move through neighborhoods.

What’s more, the Digital Bus King™ can become a profit center for your organization.  You pay for it once, it pays you over and over again.

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