Digital Bus King

Meet the King of Digital


Take Your Story to the Streets


The DIGITAL BUS KING™ is a revolutionary, patented display that takes your message uptown, downtown and everywhere in between.


Electronic LED displays have taken advertising to an entirely new level – and MultimediaLED has produced a superior display with benefits that no one else can offer. 


Why Digital Bus King™ Display Advertising?


  • Seamlessly change advertising and public service announcements instantaneously with no labor costs
  • Target your message to changing demographics – as your display moves through town
  • Deliver messages in real time including breaking news, sports scores, weather alerts, amber alerts, company news
  • Highly effective delivery system for retail sales and PSAs
  • Digital Bus King™ is a royal money-maker for your organization
  • Exclusive technology

MultimediaLED rolled out Digital Bus King™ when we felt assured that every aspect was perfected.  Our team of engineers developed this approach over years with the vanguard of new technologies and in the end, exceeded every expectation for this innovative, cutting-edge marketing system.

Curious?  We’d be excited to tell you how it’s done.