Sprint LED Display

Get Inspired.  We're On Your Team.


MultimediaLED is a leader in creative and award-winning LED displays around the world.  And that’s no accident.   We’re able to bring our clients’ most inspired visions to life with unparalleled engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Our projects range from advertising and messaging designed for instant readability to mind-bending, eye-catching extravaganzas with astonishing effects.

JP Morgan LED Display

Why MultimediaLED Displays?


  • Exceptional designs and structural options are available with our engineering and technology
  • Designed and assembled in the USA using premium components
  • A dedicated team for your project from start to finish
  • Training, supervision and on-going maintenance
  • 24/7 customer and technical support
  • Serving clients in the U.S. and internationally

MultimediaLED was built on our dynamic custom displays that allowed our clients to present their messages in ways that perfectly suited their requirements – and have often become icons in our culture.

Our exciting new innovation in advertising and messaging is the Digital Bus King™  - your message on the move.  Stationary displays and messages that travel to your audiences – MultimediaLED offers you more options than ever before. 

We invite you to present us with your ideas and together we’ll aim to amaze.  Let’s talk about it.